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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Polls are closed and....

Thanks to all that cast their votes for this weeks poll. Still I would love to see more people get involved in these real polls that show what we can do to build our comunity.

Home Fire is what this small group found to be the least prepared for.

-Small fire extinguishers are great to have in the home, around the kitchen or any open flame area,  and can cost anywhere from $17-$35.
-I found a two pack at CostCo for 32.99 and each one has an extra 15%- they come with pins and wall mounts.(I also recommend watching YouTube videos showing how to use one to put out a fire.Search: CERT)

-Don't forget to have a smoke alarm in every room and check the batteries every 3-4 months. ( Stock up on 9volts or buy rechargables.)

-Have an evacuation route in mind for your home and work incase of a fire, earthquake, or any other event that may occur for your area. (They may all need slightly different evacuation routes and teqnices.)

-Last make sure all measures to prevent accidental fires in the home are in place because even if your home caught fire and you are okay with that, think about your neighbors and how they would feel if you burnt down their home as well.

Stay Safe You!!!!

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